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Once long ago, there was a sports commentator named Grantland Rice. He said this:

"For when the great scorer comes to write against your name, He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game"




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 Dropped balls, Rodgers worst game, special teams were hideous, play calling should have stayed with the run?

Enough said.... we have to win out!



Rodgers in Shotgun vs. UnderCenter in 2013 We think he should be under center more often!

Shotgun Under Center
Attempts          227 63
TDs 12 5
INTs 5 1
Throwaways 14 8
Sacks 18 3
Yards/Attempt 8.2 10.7
YAC/Completion 6.1 9.0
Accuracy % 78.3% 83.3%
INT % 2.2% 1.6%
QB Rating 100.5 120.6


Why does the NFL have the smallest trophy in major sports in the U.S.? The NFL consistently draws 2,3 & 4 times the ratings and money the other sports draw. It clearly is the most popular. The NFL draft just recently drew 48.5 million viewers. That's right THE DRAFT. More than twice the viewers than the NBA Playoffs. The Borg-Warner Indy 500 Trophy is 5'4" weighs 153lbs and is valued at 3.5 million. The Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy is 22" tall and weighs 7lbs and costs 30 grand. "I'm not sayin I'm just sayin" Make the TROPHY fit the man. Bigger than life. Vince Lombardi.....The Don


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See  SITE MENU for articles! salutes the Green Bay Packers for winning the NFC North Title and Eddie Lacy for winning AP Offensive Rookie of the Year! Also congrats to Aaron Rodgers for winning the Bart Starr Award and the Never say Never moment of the Year with Randall Cobb.







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JOIN THE PACK says what all those other sites dont have the huevos to say! We don't scour the web for news, we write it! We walk the line. We push the envelope with thought provoking articles about what's coming out of Green Bay and around the league. We invite you to share your own comments of the pre, regular and post season. Let us hear your pummels & cheers and what ever else you got.



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Nielsen says Packers have # 1 fan base in the NFL. Nielsen, known for tracking television ratings, released a report on 2013 sports media, giving insight into how fans engaged with their teams According to the rankings, the Packers finished first in the NFL in the “Local Fan Bases” category. Defined as the “percent of population that has watched, attended or listened to the team in the past 12 months,” Green Bay led the way with 88%, followed by the New Orleans Saints (81%) and Pittsburgh Steelers (78%).




By: The Don 

All though Tom Petty is my musical hero this is not about the song. When your team is not headed deep into the playoffs and especially not the Super Bowl the waiting for the season to end is brutal. Then it's waiting with anticipation for free agency. Then the frenzy is over and the waiting begins for the draft. Then it's waiting for the years new schedule. Then it's waiting for training camp. Then it's the waiting for pre-season and finally waiting for opening day! Then it's waiting for Thursday night and then waiting for Sunday and then waiting for Monday Night Football. Did I mention waiting for the coals to get ready and the beer to get cold and the brats to get done. Well as I said, the waiting is the hardest part! 
Tom Petty is right. 




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